Specialist Valves Services

We offer specialist services for all type of valves and class such as Safety Valve, Hand Operated Valve, Mechanical Valve & Control Valve.


Our knowledge and innovation of valve services allow us to modify valve design when necessary to suit them for different services purpose:
  • Machining & minor fabrication
  • Valve coating

Testing & Reporting

  • SAT & FAT - Leak test reporting
  • Calibration

Spare Parts & Supply

  • OEM parts supply and replacement
  • Supply of valves
  • Equipment rental

Repair & Overhaul

  • Removal, installation, repair, overhaul testing & calibration
  • Valve greasing - manual & high temperature greasing
  • Painting

Plant Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is important for the continuity of plan production.
  • Optimal valve inspection frequency
  • Drawing up corrective and preventive maintenance schedule
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance